How Do They Feminize Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis seed feminization methods are becoming increasingly common. One of these is Colloidal silver. Some people swear by this method, while others swear by the use of colloidal silver and rodelization. Regardless of what method you choose, be sure to check out these tips and techniques for successful marijuana seed feminization. Once you’ve got the […]

How to Plant Marijuana Seed Indoors

Whether you live in a climate with decent soil and humidity, or you don’t, you can start your own cannabis plant indoors. There are many options available to you, including hydroponics and seedling pellets. Read on to learn how to plant marijuana seeds indoors and grow your own buds! There are several important factors to […]

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Oregon

If you are in Oregon and are looking to grow your own marijuana, you might be wondering how to buy cannabis seeds. The state has legalized the cultivation of marijuana, but where can you get seeds? What feminized marijuana seeds are available, and what kind of seed bank is the best? Keep reading to learn […]

Can You Grow Marijuana From Seeds In Your Weed?

Growing marijuana from seed is a journey of evolution. These plants require special conditions to germinate and grow, including a period of 18-6 light cycles. After germination, they will start to shoot up towards the light and produce tiny marijuana leaves. After the seeds have sprouted, they should be transferred to a larger growing pot. […]

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Oregon?

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon? Oregon has legalized the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis. The state is home to many cannabis enthusiasts who have established a vibrant cannabis culture. Measure 91 has legalized both recreational and medicinal cannabis use. You can purchase cannabis seeds from dispensaries and online stores. Learn […]

Where Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds In Washington?

If you’re a newbie grower, you might wonder: Where can you buy Marijuana Seeds In Washington? Marijuana is an extremely popular plant that grows best in cool climates, such as Washington. However, if you don’t live in this state, don’t worry! It is entirely possible to purchase marijuana seeds from an authorized retailer in Washington. […]

When To Plant Marijuana Seeds In South Africa

The climate varies greatly from province to province in South Africa. Natural farmers follow weather patterns and plant seeds accordingly. Indoor growers, on the other hand, can plant, germinate, and harvest seeds any time of the year. In addition, you can use any seed you want to grow your plants and seeds indoors. An indoor […]