Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In Florida?

If you are a Florida resident, and are wondering if you can grow marijuana from seed, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about which marijuana strains are best for outdoor growing, which are feminized for easy growth, and which are lab-tested for authenticity. In addition, we’ll also explain how […]

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal In Wisconsin?

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Where To Buy Marijuana Seed Massachusetts

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Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal in Pennsylvania?

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal in Pennsylvania? Buying cannabis seeds online is perfectly legal in Pennsylvania. But do you know where to find these seeds? Are you looking for a fast-maturing strain that will mature quickly? Or do you want a strain that will take more care? It all depends on your growing style and experience. […]

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

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Is It Legal To Sell Marijuana Seeds In Michigan?

If you’re interested in growing your own marijuana in Michigan, you’re in luck. The state has medical marijuana laws that make growing and selling marijuana seeds perfectly legal. If you’re interested in growing marijuana for recreational use, however, you’ll need to acquire a cultivation license first. In Michigan, the climate is quite balanced and the […]

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal In Oklahoma?

Are marijuana seeds legal in Oklahoma? Yes and no. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has not issued a formal opinion on the issue, and a bureau spokesperson declined to speak to News9/Newson6 on camera. The Bureau of Narcotics also declined to comment on the seeds purchase, referring us to Attorney General Mike Hunter. But it […]