How Do They Feminize Marijuana Seeds

How Do They Feminize Marijuana Seeds?

Cannabis seed feminization methods are becoming increasingly common. One of these is Colloidal silver. Some people swear by this method, while others swear by the use of colloidal silver and rodelization. Regardless of what method you choose, be sure to check out these tips and techniques for successful marijuana seed feminization. Once you’ve got the right tools, you’ll be ready to start breeding your marijuana plants!


Rodelization of marijuana seeds is a way to feminize female cannabis plants. Hermaphrodite plants rarely produce male pollen, and their pollen sacs are not very effective. So, rodelization is an alternative method to artificial insemination. But the process has its limitations. This article outlines some common risks and pitfalls of rodelization. Let’s examine these issues and decide whether rodelization is the right solution for you.

This process is all natural, but it does not produce the results you want as consistently as colloidal silver. It works by forcing unpollinated female cannabis plants to continue growing pollen sacs during flowering. Once these female plants are left in flowering, their self-pollination mechanism kicks in. Once the female plant produces pollen, it can be used to pollinate regular female marijuana plants. This way, you get feminized marijuana seeds.

There are various methods of feminization of marijuana seeds. The most effective one is Rodelization, which reverses the process of hermaphrodites into females. The process involves using silver thiosulfate or colloidal silver, as it is non-toxic and has the highest success rate. However, natural methods are less reliable. Therefore, it is better to stick to the tried-and-true methods when possible.

Rodelization of marijuana seeds can also be achieved through artificial means. However, it is the most slow-moving, inefficient, and least reliable method. For this method to work, you must force your plant to go into the male stage by artificial means. This means you must wait for a few weeks after flowering. If you are lucky, the male flower will eventually appear, attempting to pollinate the plant. Afterward, you can sow the seeds, but rodelization will produce fewer seeds than other methods.

There are some risks to rodelization. It may result in hermaphrodite plants. The offspring of hermaphrodite plants can pollinate the entire garden, destroying the cannabis harvest. This process should be carried out with caution. In the case of natural rodelization, the seeds are not contaminated with any chemicals. You should watch for them and ensure they are properly watered. When you grow marijuana, keep the temperature around 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Natural method

If you are a serious cannabis grower, then you may have considered using a natural method for feminizing marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds are genetically modified so that they will produce female marijuana plants, which will be much more potent than male marijuana plants. This genetic engineering process, called rodelization, has a success rate of over 99%. It works by forcing the female marijuana plant to produce pollen like male plants. However, this method only works on female cannabis plants, which are much more likely to turn into hermies.

If you choose a reputable supplier of feminized seeds, you can trust their processes. The company uses high-grade equipment to ensure that their marijuana seeds are feminized. They also carry a diverse selection of feminized genetics, including award-winning varieties. If you decide to experiment with feminized seeds, be sure to carefully examine the parent plants. If you find a plant that produces seedy buds, it’s probably because it wasn’t feminized properly.

Unlike male cannabis plants, female marijuana plants have a pollen sac instead of a pistil and calyx. Once the plant is mature enough to be fertilized, it produces pollen. After about three to four weeks, the pollen will be viable. In some cases, growers spray the plant until the plant begins to flower. If it doesn’t, the male marijuana plant should be isolated from the flowering female.

Another effective way to feminize your marijuana seeds is to use colloidal silver. You can purchase colloidal silver at any drugstore or online. After buying the colloidal silver, you’ll need to apply the solution to your marijuana seeds every day or three days. You must repeat the application for about five to 10 days before the male flowers begin to form. Several people have reported positive results after five to ten days.

You can buy feminized seeds online. There are several websites that sell marijuana seeds, and you can find a variety of instructions on how to grow them. You should expect high genetic quality when buying these seeds online. AK-47 and CBD Hemp Star are two popular feminized strains. Both varieties produce delicious flavors and cerebral effects. If you’re a new grower, these strains are ideal for beginners.

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Colloidal silver

If you want to make marijuana seeds become more feminine, you can mist them with colloidal silver. The silver helps marijuana seeds grow male pollen sacs. This process is similar to rodelization, except it forces marijuana plants to grow male pollen sacs. However, unlike rodelization, you must destroy the treated plants after collecting pollen. You can spray the plant’s leaves and branches with colloidal silver to force female plants to grow male pollen sacs.

Using colloidal silver to feminize your cannabis seeds is the simplest and cheapest way to do this. This process uses microscopic silver particles suspended in a solution. These particles are so small, they are almost invisible to the naked eye. The colloidal silver works by inhibiting the female flowering hormones in cannabis. Female flowers and seeds contain both male and female genes. As such, feminization can make cannabis seeds more profitable and productive.

The study used 23 mother plants with a high total CBD and low total THC. Females were bred from these plants, and pollen from treated plants fertilized different shoots of the non-treated plant. The number of developing feminized seeds was counted two weeks after pollination. The results are displayed in Table 6 and Figure 1H. The effects of colloidal silver on marijuana seeds were observed within the first week of treatment.

Another method for feminizing cannabis seeds is rodelization. This method is easier and more natural than using colloidal silver, but requires the female plant to behave naturally. The aim of rodelization is to keep the female plant in its flowering stage longer than male plants. There are different methods for feminization, and these are all equally effective. You can even use a solution of silver thiosulphate and spray it on the female plant.

Another method involves mixing water with fine silver particles. This solution delays the production of ethylene, a crucial hormone during flowering. The result is a female plant. Male plants produce flowers that contain pollen sacs. Male flowers carry male genetics. Only female plants produce feminized seeds. This process works with cannabis seeds. But it is not foolproof. If you want to make sure your plants produce more female flowers, you can buy colloidal silver from a pharmacy.

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Other methods

Besides the genetically modified seeds, marijuana growers can also use other methods of feminization. Some methods include using gibberellic acid, which can be mixed with water at a concentration of 100 ppm, and spraying it on a female plant until the solution runs off. Then, the female plant can be pollinated with pollen from the male flowers, resulting in the production of feminized seeds.

Although pollen donor methods are effective, they come with a drawback: pollen donor plants often have strong intersexual tendencies and can pass them on to subsequent plants. Some marijuana seed companies, such as Sensi Seeds, have offered feminized seeds in the past. This means that they force female plants with at least minor intersexual tendencies to produce male flowers. This method does not guarantee 100% success, and some strains are better suited for this method than others.

Another way to feminize marijuana seeds is to apply STS to the seeds. This solution is an organic chemical that is combined with sodium thiosulfate. When applied to marijuana seeds, this solution causes the plant to respond to the chemicals, triggering the transition to a female plant. While this method does not produce a high rate of success, it does ensure that the female marijuana plants will produce better quality harvests.

Some marijuana seed companies claim to produce 100% feminized cannabis plants. However, this is misinformation. In fact, marijuana seeds are not produced from a purely female plant. This means that female marijuana seeds can be produced from any female plant, regardless of the breed. Other methods of feminizing marijuana seeds contain male marijuana seeds. These seeds are able to pollinate a large number of female plants.

Another method of feminizing marijuana seeds involves drawing female cells onto the male plant stem. This is a simple process, and some cannabis strains produce male flowers at late ripeness. The females are then removed from the male plant stem with a razor blade. This process can be done on a variety of other marijuana strains, including hybrids, but it is best to use a high-quality, commercially available feminizing cannabis seed to maximize the yield of your plants.

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