How to clone marijuana plants easily

How to clone marijuana plants easily?

The smart Trick of How To Clone Cannabis Plants – Green Flower News That Nobody is Talking About

What is a cannabis “clone?” What are the advantages of taking marijuana clones? Well, first of all, cloning is one of the easiest and fastest ways for cannabis growers to make many new (and basically free) weed plants at once! Cloning cannabis is the process of making a smaller copy of a specific cannabis plant.

Cannabis clones are cuttings from a marijuana plant – these cuttings make roots of their own and grow into an identical plant as the “mother!”Each cannabis clone has the same genes and is a genetic copy of its parent. That means if the parent of the clone is a female, you are guaranteed that all the clones taken from that cannabis plant will be female, too.

For many cannabis growers, taking cuttings and cloning can be a great way of propagating a cannabis strain or a particularly nice cannabis plant without ever having to ever worry about male plants or making or buying seeds. Each clone is free! Like just about every important marijuana growing technique, there is controversy about the best way to clone cannabis plants.

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Discover How To Clone Cannabis Plants & Other Methods Things To Know Before You Get This

Although technically you can take a clone from any plant at almost any point in its life, you want to make clones of your best plants that have proven to be winners! Clones like warm, wet conditions. Your clones need to get their water through their leaves right now because their roots haven’t formed.

But within just a week or so, you will have fast-growing plants that are much bigger than any week-old seedling! And remember to be patient if it’s your first time. Almost every cutting will take root if you just wait long enough, and keep providing the right conditions. Some plants will root in just a few days, 7 days is average, but some clones can take 2 weeks (or even more) to start showing roots! 1.) Keep the leaves of each new clone gently moist – clones love misty conditions (especially the first week after taking a cutting)This is why many growers buy cloners, or a tray with a humidity dome (a clear plastic top to put over their plants) since they will keep your cuttings nice and moist for you and practically automate the whole process.

If you don’t have a humidity dome (or even if you do) it can be a good idea to mist each clone with water after you’re done to keep them moist. If you can mist your clones a couple of times a day so they don’t dry out, you may be able to skip the clear top altogether.

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8 Simple Techniques For Picture Guide To Cloning Marijuana – Grow Weed Easy

How to clone marijuana plants easily?

Basically, any sort of flowering nutrients would be well suited to give to new clones. However, make sure if you’re feeding them nuts to give them only 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended amounts for seedlings! 3.) Use rooting powder or gel (that has been properly stored)When creating clones, many people prefer to use some sort of cloning solution or powder, which contains hormones that help the cloned root and can be purchased from a grow shop, garden store, or off the internet.

Gels tend to evenly coat the plant much better than powders, but if you’re not sure you can use both! Store your rooting powder or gel in a cool, dark, dry place, and never use “contaminated” rooting powder or gel. If the package was unsealed when you got it, or if you’ve dropped anything into the rooting hormone, discard and get a fresh package.

Some cloning gels come with a handy applicator tip, which makes them easier to use and reduces waste and the chance of contamination. 4.) Take cuttings from a well-established and healthy plant, You will tend to get better results if you use clones from a well-established plant (at least two months old).

The smart Trick of How To Get Clones From Your Cannabis Plants – Rqs Blog That Nobody is Discussing

If you grow a plant in the vegetative stage for about 2-3 months, you will be able to get dozens of clones off a single plant. It’s completely fine if you plan on just taking a couple of clones from a plant then letting it continue growing. In fact, it’s best to take the clones off the bottom of the plant since these clones tend to take root in much less time than clones taken from the top of the plant.

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If you want to flower the plant right away to determine the gender, then you’ll often have better luck taking a clone from the top of the plant, which tends to be more primed to flowering. 6.) Prepare the mother plant for cloning if you can, If possible, give potential motherless nitrogen than usual when feeding for a week or two before cloning as this will promote better rooting in her clones.

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