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These are the best ways to dry your weed

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D A dry shouldn’t be too quick or too long: Too quick and the outside of buds will appear dry but the insides won’t be; too long and buds could develop mold. When buds are trimmed and dried, they are placed in airtight containers. This stops the loss of moisture, preserving flavors and aromas and allowing buds to take on their full flavor.

The process is usually shorter when wet trimming because most of the plant material is trimmed away first and there is less plant to dry. When dry trimming cannabis, you can hang harvested plants upside down on a line or hanger, either whole plants or branches—this prevents buds from getting flattened or misshapen as they dry.

Curing affects the flavor and quality of the smoke. Many terpenes, which give cannabis its unique smell and flavor, are quite sensitive and can degrade and evaporate at temperatures as low as 50°F. A slow cure at low temperatures will preserve terpenes better than a quick, hot dry. A proper cure also allows you to store weed for long periods without worrying about mold or cannabinoid or terpene degradation.

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Equipment and tools needed to cure cannabis When curing cannabis, it should be done in a room or space that has a stable temperature and humidity—dank, wet basements or hot, muggy attics aren’t ideal. The space should maintain the room temperature and not be too humid. Light can also degrade terpenes, so it’s ideal to be able to turn off the lights in the space or be able to cover jars so light doesn’t leak in.

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Seal containers and store them in a cool, dry, dark place. Within a day or two, you’ll notice buds get a little softer as moisture from the middle of the buds rehydrates the outer parts. If this doesn’t happen, you have likely over-dried your cannabis. Humidity inside sealed jars should be 55-65%.

, you can add a humidity pack, such as a Boveda pack, to rehydrate buds. , leave the lid off for half a day or a full day before resealing them. Be sure to check humidity levels every day and leave the lid off for a period of time if they still are too wet.

Original Guide To Drying And Curing Marijuana Buds – Grow …

How long does it take to cure cannabis? After two to four weeks in containers, your cannabis should be cured enough to give you a flavorful, aromatic, and quality experience. Some people prefer to cure for four to eight weeks, and some strains even benefit from six months or more of curing.

Storing cannabis out of direct light will also help control temperature. Will Hyde contributed to this article.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DRYING AND CURING? Drying, as the name suggests, involves drying fresh buds so they contain less moisture and can be smoked or vaporized properly. Curing, on the other hand, involves storing your buds in closed containers over a period of at least two weeks. This helps develop the flavor and aroma of your buds as they mature.

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How To Dry Weed

Freshly harvested cannabis buds contain a significant amount of moisture, which needs to be dealt with before smoking. Why? First, smoking fresh buds serve up harsh hits with little flavor—if the buds are able to ignite at all. Removing moisture helps to tone down the harshness and let the terpene profile shine.

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When you harvest your buds, they contain excess sugars and starches that eventually come under attack from airborne bacteria and enzymes. By curing your buds, you actually encourage the degradation of these nutrients, making for a smoother, better-tasting final smoke. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TRIM MY WEED? There are two main methods for trimming your buds at harvest time.

Dry trimming, on the other hand, involves trimming your buds after drying and before curing. Ideally, we recommend trimming while your buds are still wet, as it’s easier, more precise, and you don’t risk losing resin from agitation as you do when handling dry buds. That said, dry trimming can make for an exceptionally manicured product worthy of a top-shelf position on looks alone.

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The best way to do this is to string up your cut and trimmed branches or to use wire racks if you’re working with individual buds or small branches. If you choose to use racks, keep in mind that you’ll need to flip your buds regularly to ensure they don’t flatten on one side.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PROPERLY DRY CANNABIS? There are many factors that affect how long it takes for cannabis to dry. The size of your buds will obviously affect drying time, as larger, denser buds will take longer to dry than smaller ones. How you choose to trim your plants will also come into play.

Finally, the temperature, humidity, and airflow in your drying space will also have a big impact on the time it takes for your weed to dry. In general, the drying stage takes about 7–12 days, depending on the above factors. During this time, your buds will lose a lot of water, meaning they’ll shrink in size and lose a lot of weight, too.

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How To Dry Weed (With Pictures) – Greencamp

If it snaps, your buds are dry and you’re ready to move on to the curing process. If they bend, your buds need a little longer to dry. HOW DO I CURE MY BUDS? If you trimmed your buds wet, you’ll be ready to move on to the curing stage as soon as your buds have dried.

If you find an infected bud, make sure to remove it from its jar immediately to avoid the fungus spreading. This process of consistently checking in on your buds will pull excess moisture out of your jars and allow fresh air to hit your buds. After about two weeks, you can start enjoying your harvested weed, but the longer you wait, the better.

This increase in moisture content will slightly re-hydrate your flowers, improving their taste and smoothness while still preventing mold formation. HOW LONG DOES THE CURING PROCESS TAKE? Most growers will cure their weed for around a month; however, curing for 4–8 weeks will really get the most flavor and aroma out of your buds.

Drying Weed: 4 Tips To Properly Dry Your Cannabis

This changes how buds make you feel. Try smoking buds directly off the plant vs smoking those same buds after they’ve been dried/cured. The best way to understand the difference is to try it for yourself! 😉Many growers feel that drying buds slowly and proper curing will actually make buds feel up to a point.

This is likely due to how cannabinoids and terpenoids are altered during the curing process. How do you dry your marijuana buds slowly? How long do you dry your buds for and what’s the best drying method? How do you cure buds perfectly every time, without leaving anything to chance? Get the answers right here! Note: This article covers the tried-and-true steps.

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