What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like

What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

Listed below are the characteristics of marijuana seeds, from their size to their color and shape. We will discuss germination and how these traits affect the process. If you want to grow your own pot, these tips will come in handy. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced grower, you’ll be able to determine the type of seed you’re planting based on the characteristics listed above.


Cannabis seeds vary in size and shape, but it is the seed’s quality that matters the most. The biggest and most mature seeds are the most desirable for growing. They are rounded with one pointed end and a flat one. They are covered in a tough and rigid outer shell called the pericarp. The seed’s cotyledons are the first leaves to emerge from the seed. The radicle develops into the plant’s primary root.

The best cannabis seeds are large, round, and fat. They should have a smooth surface and a slight sheen to them. They should also be dark in color and lack any cracks or fungi. Seeds that are greenish or otherwise discolored should be discarded. The seed is less viable the longer it is stored. If the seed is too green, contact its supplier. If the seed is scaly, it hasn’t received all the necessary nutrients and isn’t fully developed.

The shape of marijuana seeds helps you identify whether they are viable and not. Seeds that are brown, dark brown, or black have a waxy coating with a slight shimmer. If they aren’t coated, they aren’t healthy for growing marijuana. And they should be symmetrical. If the seeds don’t have a waxy coating, they aren’t good for growing. If they are not, you should discard them immediately.

If marijuana seeds were male and female, it would be easier for marijuana growers to differentiate between them. But, feminized marijuana seeds are female. In fact, it’s been proven that 50% of marijuana seeds are male while five percent will produce female plants. But, what about autoflowering seeds? And how do you tell the difference between feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds? A simple trick: check the seed’s feminized status.


Cannabis is known to be a versatile plant, with a wide variety of colors. Cannabis seeds with green hues are considered questionable, because they indicate early harvest. Cannabis seeds with a vegetative look are less likely to germinate. Similarly, seeds with purple hues are considered suspect. Although most seeds of Cannabis are sold in the green variety, the company declines any responsibility regarding the color of its seeds. However, if the collector’s demand for colour is real, he or she will definitely be happy to purchase them.

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Although many people believe that the colour of cannabis seeds determines the quality of the plant, the truth is that color does not necessarily indicate quality. In fact, the appearance of a seed doesn’t matter – high-quality strains are white or grey. The difference is the thickness of the seed shell. The darker grain has a harder shell that’s harder to break open. However, white weed seeds can germinate quicker than dark ones.

Cannabis seeds may have slight differences in colour between when they are young and when they have been packaged. Just as newborns adapt to a new environment, cannabis seeds do the same. The seed shell may change slightly as it grows from seed to mature plant. Lighting, humidity, and oxidation can all impact the color of marijuana seeds. Fortunately, these changes don’t affect the quality of the final product. A few of the most important traits to look for in cannabis seeds are listed below.

Cannabis’ purple, blue, and red hues are due to anthocyanins, a group of 400-plus pigment molecules found in fruits and flowers. These compounds have anti-freeze properties that can modify the plant’s colour depending on the pH level. Anthocyanins have been identified as the source of red, purple, and blue hues in cannabis. In fact, they play a major role in the color of cannabis and contribute to the plant’s unique personality.


When you are ready to grow your own pot plants, one of the most important things that you should do is to germinate your marijuana seeds. First of all, you must sterilize the soil that you are going to plant in, and make sure that the soil is moist but not too wet. Moreover, it must be able to lock moisture but also let air circulate. Using a damp paper towel to cover the seed will help in keeping it clean and safe. After all, marijuana seeds do not grow well in a warm, dark place.

While germination of marijuana seeds can be done using different methods, the most common method is soaking the seeds in water and then burying them in it. This method is considered 90% successful, and even if you have to add more water, the seeds will still sprout. A few hours of watering is sufficient, and once the seeds sprout, they should be planted with their roots downward. Another method is germination in kitchen paper. This method is not recommended for first-timers. However, it is easy and requires little space, and you can use it to grow a large number of seeds with the right humidity and temperature.

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Another way to germinate marijuana seeds is to soak the seed for 24 hours. This allows water to penetrate the seed shell and trigger the production of growth hormones. However, don’t soak the seeds for more than 32 hours because they will lack oxygen. If you do not have time to soak the seeds for more than 24 hours, they won’t germinate. Soaking is necessary for the process, but you must be sure that it doesn’t cause any fungi to grow in your marijuana plants.


Several factors should be considered before purchasing cannabis seeds. Some seeds are smaller than others, while others are larger than the average grain of rice. Besides size, a cannabis seed’s color should be a good indicator of the quality of the seed. In fact, some growers believe that the appearance of a cannabis seed’s seed coat is a reliable indicator of quality. However, this is not a guarantee. Read on to find out how to judge the quality of marijuana seeds.

Cannabis seeds are different because they are biologically different. They have different physical characteristics, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that a larger cannabis seed will be more likely to sprout. The size of a marijuana seed’s seed doesn’t directly indicate the quality of its cannabis plant, so don’t throw away the healthy seed you have just because it is bigger than the average grain. Marijuana seeds are also different from conventionally grown marijuana seeds, so size is not the only thing to consider when buying cannabis seeds.

Cannabis seeds are generally around the size of a matchhead. However, their size depends on their variety. Cannabis seeds should be stored in an airtight container at temperatures between five and seven degrees Celsius, or 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is equivalent to the door temperature of a domestic refrigerator. When they are stored properly, they can be used for food, souvenirs, or even as a medicinal herb. In addition to storing cannabis seeds, hemp seeds can be used as a food source.

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While the size of marijuana seeds is not an indicator of the quality of a cannabis plant, some strains produce smaller, harder seeds. Some even produce seeds of the same species in different shapes and sizes. In addition to size, the color and feel of a cannabis seed may also be a good indicator of its potential for germination. So, whether you’re buying cannabis seeds from a reputable source is important. It’s worth the extra effort to find out!


If you’re preparing to grow your own cannabis crop, you should know about the proper storage of weed seeds. The best place to store cannabis seeds is in an airtight jar, vacuum-packed bag, or mason jar. While any container will work for short-term storage, you should avoid placing your marijuana seeds in plastic or metal containers. Plastic will destroy the seeds, while glass is a better option for longer storage.

One of the most important factors for maintaining the life span of marijuana seeds is the environment in which they are stored. Marijuana seeds absorb moisture from wet atmospheres and dry out when they are in a dry atmosphere. Every 1% decrease in the humidity level doubles the seed’s shelf life. Increases in humidity level significantly increase the difficulty of maintaining the germination of marijuana seeds. The ideal environment for cannabis seed storage is at least 20 percent humidity.

To maintain optimal seed life, marijuana seeds should be stored in dark, cool, and stable environments. Seeds that are exposed to light can undergo germination without enough nutrients. To prevent this from happening, seeds should be stored in a dark, cool, and airtight jar. A vacuum-sealed jar or mason jar is ideal. And if you are storing seeds in an airtight jar or mason jar, you should always keep a humidity monitor handy.

Once you have purchased your seeds from a reliable source, make sure to label them. A good label will keep you from having to open the container to inspect the seeds. If possible, use a small paper label to place on the exterior of the container. Dates are a good way to ensure the seeds remain fresh. Keep an eye out for these dates when purchasing your marijuana seeds. The seeds can be stored in a vacuum-sealed jar for up to six months.

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