When To Put Marijuana Seeds Under Lights

When To Put Marijuana Seeds Under Lights

When To Put Marijuana Seeds under Lights? When you’re growing marijuana seeds from seed, it’s important to know the proper light requirements for marijuana plants. Marijuana needs around 16 hours of light a day, ideally in a ratio of 15:30:30. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Planting Marijuana seeds from seed

Before you start planting marijuana seeds, be sure to inspect the plants carefully to ensure that they are feminized. Seeds with poor quality will produce weaker plants than their feminized counterparts. You can spot these defects by looking at the color of the seeds. Light green or white seeds have higher chances of failing, but damaged dark seeds should be planted regardless. These seeds are not guaranteed to grow into strong, full-fledged marijuana plants.

Buying seeds from an accredited company is also a great idea. Seeds from well-known companies should come with lineage and backcrossing information. Without this information, the seeds may turn out to be anything. Moreover, they could be damaged in transit due to temperature fluctuations or physical damage. For these reasons, it is crucial to select quality seeds. Homegrown is proud to partner with celebrated marijuana growers and industry titans like Kyle Kushman.

Germination time

Usually, marijuana seeds germinate in about five to seven days. But the exact time frame depends on the seed and the grow medium. If you grow the seeds outdoors in a dark room, they will take longer to germinate. Germination takes up to a week for older seeds. Then, plant them in soil when the roots grow to around five millimeters. You can use a soil tray as well to speed up the process.

For indoor germination, you can use a humidity dome, or a small pot. The lid must be opened at least half way. A humid environment is ideal, ranging from about 50 percent to 60 percent. To achieve a good humidity level, you should use a heating or cooling system. If your seedlings are sensitive to high humidity, use a humidifier instead. The humidity domes can be used to simulate a greenhouse, but you need to ensure that the room’s temperature stays in the seventy to eighty-five-degree range.

Light source

There are several reasons to place marijuana seeds under lights. The first is because marijuana seedlings are delicate and require less intensity. This gentler approach will ensure that the plants thrive. Place the lights approximately 24 to 36 inches above the soil. Using too many or too few lights can cause the seeds to dry up and burn. Keeping the distance between the light source and seedlings at 60 to 76 cm is recommended.

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After the seeds sprout, they should be soaked in water for at least one night. After the seeds are soaked, they will emerge with roots bursting through the growing medium. You can also soak seeds overnight in warm water if the seeds have a hard shell. This process will help awaken older marijuana seeds and give them a better chance of growing. However, it is important to keep these temperatures consistent. The temperature should be between 65 and 75 degrees during the entire time the seeds are soaking.


To get the best germination rate, cannabis growers should start by germinating their seeds indoors and growing them for at least two weeks under artificial light. This gives them the best possible start indoors and minimizes seed germination issues. Also, it will ensure that a greater percentage of seeds will develop into adult cannabis plants. Daylength is also important to avoid plant growth inhibition, which can affect the quality of germination.

While you can grow marijuana plants outdoors, it’s better to avoid the sun during the nighttime. A single plant can grow to be hundreds of inches tall. During this time, it’s best to reduce daylength to about 14.5 hours. A lower day length will slow the growth of young plants during their vegetation period, but it will yield more buds if the plant is healthy. After all, it’s better to plant a healthy plant than to lose half of the crop.


The question of when to put marijuana seeds under lights has a number of answers. A light source is not necessary while the seed is still below the soil surface, but once it has broken the surface, it will benefit from a light. During the early stages of germination, a light is not necessary, but a light should be present to prevent the seed from becoming stretchy and lanky. It is best to set a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness. After the seeds are planted, a day or two is recommended for them to break the surface. It is also advisable to plant the seeds crown-down, with their pointy end facing up.

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A warmer environment will encourage the seeds to germinate faster. A higher relative humidity will encourage young marijuana seedlings to grow faster and healthier. This is because the seedlings are absorbing moisture from the air through the leaves and are developing roots. A lack of humidity will not harm the seedlings, but it will not improve the plant’s health. If the soil is too dry, the seedlings may not survive and die.


If you are growing your own marijuana, one of the most common questions you will face is when to put marijuana seeds under lights. In general, you can start indoors anytime of the year as long as you have the appropriate weather conditions. Most seed packages will indicate the ideal time to plant. To be on the safe side, you can also find last frost dates online. Regardless of whether you decide to grow indoors or outdoors, you must be aware of the following tips.

Before you put your seeds under lights, you need to germinate the seeds. To germinate your marijuana seeds, you must keep the temperature constant between seventy and eighty degrees. Once you have germinated your seeds, they must be placed in a glass of room temperature water. Make sure to change the water every two days. Ideally, the seeds will sprout within two days, though older seeds may take a week or more. Once the roots have grown to a length of five millimeters, you can plant them in soil.


To determine the best time of the year to start marijuana plants, you can either plant them indoors or outdoors. Seed packages usually indicate the best time of year for planting. You can also check out the last frost date in your area. Then, you can begin the process of germination. Usually, seeds should sprout within two to five days. Once the seedlings are five millimeters in length, you can transplant them into the growing medium.

After 14 days, you can move your marijuana seedlings a couple of inches away from the lights. Marijuana seedlings may grow rapidly and can grow in direct sunlight overnight. You can also put heating pads underneath the seeds. The goal is to keep the seeds moist and warm. Keep in mind that you do not want to over-water the seeds, as this could cause them to rot. Inspect the seeds and adjust your growing conditions if you see any signs of stress.

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When to put marijuana seeds under lights? There are several factors that you need to consider. For example, the height of the light you place over the plants will determine the amount of light required for the clones to sprout. Also, keep in mind that the height of the LED grow light above the clones will be different from the height of the seedlings. In general, it should be anywhere between 14 and 36 inches above the plants.

The best time to place marijuana seedlings under lights is during the 18/6 light cycle. The best way to achieve this is to use CFL bulbs with a blue spectrum. If you need stronger lights, you can choose a more powerful HID or LED grow light. The first two weeks of growth should be spent indoors under the CFL lights. Once the cannabis seedlings are large enough, you can plant them outdoors during the day when the temperature reaches twenty to twenty-five degrees and bring them indoors at night.

Metal halide

Growing marijuana under metal halide lamps will give you great results from seedling to flowering. They produce a spectral pattern of light that is much less intense than HPS, resulting in larger, fluffier buds. These lights are ideal for both seedlings and clones, and can be used right up through the flowering phase. If you’re just starting out, consider using metal halide lamps as your first grow light.

When to put marijuana seeds under metal halides, the size of the bulbs you purchase depends on the area you plan to light. To choose the correct size of bulbs for your growing space, consult the table below. The table also shows how far apart to place bulbs of different wattage. In addition to the bulb, you’ll need to choose a reflector. Metal halide bulbs need a reflector. These reflectors can be simple mogul sockets or air-cooled ones.

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